Ortho Evra – The Facts Women Should Know

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Ortho Evra – The Facts Women Should Know

Ortho Evra, frequently known as 8220 the patch, 8221 is a kind of birth control for women. The greatest difference in Ortho Evra and also various other types of birth control is that it is utilized as a patch, similar to a sticker label that is placed on critical areas of the female’s body. 3 spots are made use of for a period of 3 weeks, one patch per week, as well as the 4th week is spot complimentary and when the ladies obtains her period. Great deals of females started making use of the Ortho Evra patch as quickly as it was accepted in 2001 as a type of birth control due to the fact that it was less complicated to remember to transform the spot when each week than to take the tablet each and every single day. However, there are more realities about Ortho Evra than just how it is made use of and its comfort factor.

How Does Ortho Evra Work?

Ortho Evra is a small and slim flesh colored patch. Basically, it is like a square sticker that is easily put on the skin. As soon as related to the skin the Ortho Evra spot gives off the hormones progestin and also estrogen. These hormonal agents are launched gradually over the week duration the patch is applied. The hormonal agents go into the woman’s bloodstream as well as supply considerable defense versus contraception.

For the Ortho Evra spot to be as reliable as feasible then the lady requires to use it exactly as prescribed. This includes transforming the spot every week on the exact same day. As lengthy as the Ortho Evra spot is utilized as prescribed it supplies females a 99 price of effectiveness at preventing pregnancy. That is to say that a person female out of every 100 females using the Ortho Evra patch flawlessly will become pregnant. This is really comparable to the contraception rate of the contraception pill.


Ortho Evra is a wonderful choice for birth control. However, it is not a fantastic alternative for every single woman especially those that smoke. Smoking cigarettes while making use of hormonal birth controls like Ortho Evra boosts the threat of cardiovascular negative effects significantly. Additionally, the danger of cardiovascular side effects boosts much more with more than 15 cigarettes each day and also with age. Females over 35 who smoke heavily are in the highest possible danger category.

Women that are pregnant or believe they may be pregnant ought to not use the patch. Likewise, women who have a background of cardiac disease, heart attack, or stroke need to not utilize Ortho Evra. Some other illness that make using the spot unsafe include cancer of the cervix, uterus, breast, or vagina. Also, extremely high blood pressure, Hepatitis, embolism in the legs, eyes, or lungs, in addition to liver problems or headaches with neurological issues are illness that must stop women from using the Ortho Evra patch.

Another crucial problem relating to Ortho Evra is that it is strictly a contraceptive. It in no chance safeguards against HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, customers of Ortho Evra need to shield themselves against sexually transmitted diseases in other ways.


Ortho Evra became available in 2001 and numerous women found the new transdermal form of birth control a godsend. However, by 2005 worries were increased regarding Ortho Evra as well as exactly how it might elevate the danger of females passing away from a blood clot. There are 17 fatalities associated with the Ortho Evra patch where young and healthy and balanced females died from a blood clot. Another 5 fatalities from cardiac arrest and also stroke have been connected with Ortho Evra. Reportedly, the women that passed away were all healthy and had no background of blood clots or cardiac problems prior to using the birth control patch.

Researchers as well as doctors are not completely certain of the death claims from the Ortho Evra patch. As a result, extra examinations are planned to establish if Ortho Evra indeed brings a boosted danger of death associated with embolism as well as heart attacks. There have been some findings that find the risk for blood clots is 3 in 200,000 for Ortho Evra customers and also one in 200,000 for tablet users.

Final Thoughts

Reading this info you might ask yourself whether Ortho Evra is the most effective form of birth control for you. The very best way to figure out the most effective birth control for your way of living is to have an open and straightforward discussion with your gynecologist. Your existing state of health and wellness in addition to health and wellness risks will certainly be examined prior to identifying if Ortho Evra is the ideal birth control for you.